Wasted Tears, Wasted Years.

A quick update! I hope none of you think I’ve abandoned Delightful Discoveries, I know it has been awhile since I’ve posted on here. All I can tell you is..you can’t rush inspiration or creativity. I am not going to post a project that my heart isn’t in; if I did, it would be crap. This blog is not something I plan to quit (I care about it too much, it being a major creative outlet for myself), but a necessary break I will take from time to time.

Until my creative juices come back in full force, take a page ripped straight from my heart with this poem I just wrote:

Wasted Tears, Wasted Years.

Once upon a day I still cannot believe,
The moment you came back was the end for you and me.
Now looking back, how could I be so naive?
Beyond the lies, the truth I now see.

If only I knew then, what I knew now,
If only I could have been stronger somehow.
For you I fear I’ve wasted too many tears,
For too long I have wasted too many years.

The tables turned when you came crawling back,
Letting you back in was a mistake, that is a fact.
Lessons I learned, the less I yearned,
An end we won’t find without being burned.

You can cry on calendars, but it won’t turn back time.
All I gave to you, will never again be mine.
Our love once a lullaby, now a haunting nursery rhyme.
How could I be so naive?
How could I miss the signs?

What now seems so crystal clear,
Apart from you is what I seem to fear.
So let us keep up with these wasted tears,
This river we ride through the wasted years.

Yes, this is me.


Persistent Troubles of an Old Soul

Persistent Troubles of an Old Soul

Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m not so pretty,
An invisible burnt out flame; it is such a pity.
This road not so revealing; trying to fight off this hurtful feeling.
It is my heart that you have been stealing;
This game of cat and mouse will leave us reeling.

I cannot understand why I end up where I do not want to be; at least as far as I can see.
A concrete jungle is where I lay my head to rest, but I dream of flowered fields at sunset.
This old soul an ancestor of the country-side; A young vessel cowering under the high-rise.
Gravel under my nails, as I fight to stay grounded; The wind that blows this dust to the sky.

The broken mirror reflects pale skin as white as snow; Like an old friend that I used to know.
A clear path not easily shown; An old soul still knows where to go.
Follow the golden curls of beautiful hair; A sister’s love that never dies.
Ancient history, I reflect sands in time, like a whisper from an old nursery rhyme.

One needs not to bury themselves under needless worry;
It comes to a pity that one could feel less pretty.
These games we play to keep us from forgetting.
You’ve been here before my dear; right now, it may not seem so clear.
An old soul there all along; your reflection in the mirror.


By: Randy Sorensen


This storm we have long weathered,
Hand in hand we remain together.
Running through smoky mountain trails,
Headed for the hills, to the sea we shall sail.

I can hear the splash of the rain drops,
The shock of your touch, as my heart stops.
The dancing shadows of candle light,
Together we listen to the melody of the night.

How we weave through these Appalachian dreams,
My wedding gown torn at the seams.
If we could just stop and take a breath,
It is only you; you are all I have left.

The lightning flashes deep in the night,
To long we have fought this fight.
I curl my body to the warmth of your soul,
Your eyes black as midnight, mirrored of coal.

I can hear the piano out in the wild,
A lullaby I run to like a child.
A waltz we dance to the violin,
In the forest with your touch of sin.

Father’s warning of forbidden love,
Your arms around me; you fit like a glove.
The wind that sparks their wildfires,
You have awakened my deepest desires.

Together we shall run; together we shall remain,
Hide me away, take away the pain.
Hold me close, as you keep me warm,
Together we remain to weather the storm.

Wish Avenue.

This poem is based on a true place just a few blocked from where I live. I discovered it while going for a walk and my imagination went away with it. Hope you like 😉

Wish Avenue:

The last bright light in a city of blues,
Wish Avenue always brings me back to you.
Lost in the valley of the broken-hearted,
The last lingering love of the dearly departed.

The fragrant flowers and shady trees,
The lane is full of old memories.
The warm breeze so light and airy,
Somehow late February is a little less scary.

My hair is now silver,
My heart has aged.
These flowers pressed from my bouquet,
Of Midnight Jasmine and Winter Sage.

Alone I stand where you proposed,
On a warm late February long ago.
You walked me down Wish Avenue,
The day you made my dreams come true.

In the heat of summer, I am now chilled to the bone,
Ever since you left me alone.
The city is now a somber place,
Now that I am without your warm embrace.

I now walk this street in reverie,
Lost in a distant memory.
Your brown hair and golden eyes,
As you walked me under the deep blue sky.

As I walk alone down Wish Avenue,
I long for the days back with you.
With all my heart I make a wish,
Just for one more last kiss.


By: Randy Sorensen


Johnny, can you take me away?
Can you fly me high and far away?
Lets take that road out of the valley,
Hand in hand lets drive away.

Take a walk into my imagination,
Inside my fictional masterpiece.
These other boys cannot live up,
To the perfection that I see.

Mother said Johnny is dangerous,
But she cannot see the bond between us.
Just because you are something that I cannot feel,
It does not mean that you are not real.

Marked up your arm, smoking your cigarette,
I cannot help my addiction to you,
You have got me lost inside my head,
With these fictional blues..

Blinded by their apathy,
They cannot see, what I see..
What can I do, to make you believe?
Johnny, you are all I need.

Lost inside a world of my own,
You’re my escape, never leave me alone.
They may call me crazy,
But their vacant stares barely faze me.

Johnny, they are taking me away,
Blinded by the white walls,
Beyond the light of day.
The bars of reality, I grasp with my fists,
Inside my head you do exist.

Will you hold my hand along the way?
In the dark, will you help me find the way?

If I let go of reality,
It could be just you and me.
They will never see what I see,
Johnny, you are all I need..

After Midnight

By: Randy Sorensen

After Midnight:

Walk past the railroad tracks,
Just after midnight.
Follow the stars,
If you reach the woods,
You have gone to far.

I’ll be there in my white lace gown,
Dancing on the moonlite ground.
Follow the petals, I have made the path,
Follow the sound of my gentle laugh.

Pick the flowers that only bloom at night,
A white rose you shall place within my hair,
The fragrant scent of jasmine fills the air,
You catch your breath at my enchanting stare.

I feel your warmth upon my skin,
They say at home, you are a sin.
As they bound your hands,
A fate they could not understand.
The night I learned I loved so much,
The moment I could not live without your touch.

We cannot escape the fate meant for us,
Let’s run and leave them in the dust,
As were dancing away in the dusk.

Let’s run away into the night,
Meet me just after midnight.
Take my hand, walk me back into the past,
Let’s forget the fight.
My soul finding its way back to you,
Walking this journey together,
Under the moon..


Another by me..


I’m starting to think you don’t care anymore,
I’m screaming in your ears,
But you still look so bored.
You’re now the lifeless girl,
Who lost the light in her eyes.
Tell me, when was the day when you said goodbye?

Friends until the end, it was you and I.
Singing in the desert, laughing to the sky.
You’ve gone from sweet to bitter,
Tell me, won’t you reconsider?

You’re lost staring away at the walls,
Looking for the answers you will never find.
A connection once a masterpiece,
Now lost to your apathy.

Forgive me friend,
But I feel as if I have lost you along the way,
Begging for the words you will never say.
Have you lost the magic of your innocence?
Are you blinded by the harsh reality of responsibilities?

The passing notes of our adolescence,
Whispered secrets for only us to know.
Remember singing at the top of our lungs,
The days before the end had begun.

You were so quick to replace,
The only one who knows beyond your face.
I was there for you the entire time,
Singing my sorrow in lyrics that rhyme.

How can one so confident,
Be so careless?
The most logical,
Are actually lost the most.

Under the sheets I lay and pray..
To never show the empty reflected in your eyes.
The look of a lonely girl,
Lost in the grey of a colorless world.

At the end of the day,
Remember it was you who pushed me away.
So I guess this is the end,
Goodbye my friend.


This was based on a reflection of my past. Sometimes you have to revisit and reflect on hard moments in your life to fully understand why they are necessary. Hope you like 🙂


I walk alone on this lonely field,
A breathless escape to a moment that is real.
The Texas sky as far as you can see,
A summer breeze heavy and sweet.

These tears that fall, they sting my eyes,
Black mascara falls as I cry.
The breeze that blows tears from my face,
The air is warm, reminding of your embrace.

You were my first forever,
Until we hit stormy weather.
Crashing hard against the window,
Were the tears that fell for you.
I could only run so far away,
From one of my hardest days.

A mother’s love that could not heal,
A broken heart is something we must all feel.
I run to the hills that I cannot find,
Begging for a way to turn back time.

Not a ring from my phone,
To my knees I fall like a stone,
With the realization that I am alone.
As I cry and scream to the Texas sky,
The broken one who wonders why?

On my knees, I yield,
I cannot leave from this field.
The thunder rolls across the sky,
A rain that falls from the tears I cry.
Here I lie from dawn til dusk,
As I leave my heart to rust.

Young lovers who give their all to one who changes their mind,
To only find the healing of the heart is with time.
A lesson learned when you yearn for a helping hand,
Deep down you have the strength to withstand.

Sea Storm.

This poem was inspired by the picture below. As soon as I saw it my imagination took over and..I wrote this. Hope you like 🙂

Sea Storm.

Rain is dripping down your face tonight,
As lighting flashes in the night sky.
You hold my body close to you,
Our hair standing on end,
Goosebumps on my skin.
From salty kisses you give to me,
From your embrace I feel the warmth within.

The dangerous waters of the surrounding sea,
A flash reflecting an electric beat.
Drumming loud, I can hear our hearts,
Hand in hand as we twirl around,
Our grasp is tight, we’ll never fall apart.

The crashing waves cool to touch,
The power of the thunder rolling in the dusk.
A howling gust to a warm breeze,
The rush of passion with your breath inside of me.
It’s magnetic, It’s electric..
To the point I cannot breathe,
Like lightning striking the surface of the deep dark sea.

We walk on water, fore you have paved the way..
The storm around us is raging on.
Its power we whisper, but must never say.
Our love is a story heard on the stormy sea..
Will you sing along?

Dancing on a Skyscraper

Catch this letter in the breeze, you’ll find I’m writing to you.
Following a flutter that fell from so high,
Words on wet paper..
When you look up, you’ll find me dancing on a skyscraper.
Just above the clouds, just below the stars,
When you reach the blue, you’ve gone to far..

It must be bliss, the delicacy wrapped in your embrace,
A man of perfection with a flawless face.
He’s so wise and mature as he struts the streets with such grandeur.
You have all you need, you must feel complete.

Just so you know, I cried when you left,
When I found I was second best.
You couldn’t handle the crazy,
You couldn’t tame the tiger,
You said you needed the rest.

I write to you, words I could not dare say,
As you read from the broken heart of one once brave..
He may pave the way,
He may wash your sheets and rub your feet,
A sensible stability, a comfortable commodity,
But remember what you’re losing, remember me.

You could run with me..
A crazy captivation,
Our love like Marilyn and James Dean,
A classic disaster closing the scene.

You may choose to lay and linger and plan your family,
Sip your tea and mingle with the fancy..
Brush and brush his deep dark hair,
As he catches your warm stare.

Or, you can meet me at midnight,
You’ll find my pale skin shining under the moonlight,
Surrounded by the sparkling city lights, up in the sky.
You could stay with him..
Or by my side as we fight the good fight.

When you’re ready to run and get tangled in my love..
Far from perfection, far from this place,
I’ll be here waiting by the staircase,
With desperation, a tear streaming down my face,
Dancing on a skyscraper with style and grace.

Catch me before I fall..