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Usual posts seen at Delightful Discoveries usually consist of delicious recipes, free-lance poetry, or just random check-ins from myself and what I’m currently experiencing. When I first started this blog I really wanted to have a section that displayed great music. Music isn’t exactly something seen within the title,  but is such a significant part of my life that can be hard to leave out of things. Music is so wonderful. It is a part of me. I could not live without it. I am constantly looking for new artists and obsessing over the old. Music is a passion of mine. I  have confidence that I have an impeccable taste when it comes to music and do not discriminate any genres. Good music is good music. Lately, I stray away from pop and radio and more towards great song writing incorporated well into great instrumentals. Let’s just say, I’ve become somewhat of a music critic over the years.
If you look along the side bar you will notice a music category with not many posts contributed. This is due to the fact that it is becoming difficult to incorporate my love for music into the usual themes seen at my blog. Well, I cannot leave music out of anything. I’m learning this. So if you enjoy good music, my blog may be the place to visit. For a steady contribution to the music section of my blog, I have decided to add a weekly submission of great songs, albums, or artists that I currently find absolutely wonderful. Sharing music interests can be a wonderful conversation; music interests can really let you know a few things about a person. So please, your feedback is encouraged!

This first contribution to the music category is an alternative/folk/rock band from Iceland called Of Monsters & Men. First off let me say, I am in love with this group. Musically, this band’s style represents everything I am into right now. Beautiful lyrics, charming melodies, and a wonderful use and incorporation of traditional instruments. The songs are so well written and are portrayed beautifully through vocals and instruments. Some of the songs are very upbeat while others have a serious note. I first heard their single Little Talks (which has a darker tone) on the radio, which I instantly found amazing. I was captivated by the dramatic use of instruments and stunning vocals. After loving Little Talks I quickly went in search of more music, which lead me to their EP Into The Woods. I was not disappointed. While there were only four songs, I knew this band had some potential (I just had to wait patiently for their album to be released the following week). I listened to Little Talks on repeat for days and was also captivated by their dreamy track From Finner.

So a week later, their album My Head is an Animal was released..and people I am in love! I cannot stop listening. I love when I get captivated by a new artist and a great new album, and Of Monsters and Men did just that. This album seems to calm me down and take me away with my imagination. The songs are very imaginative themselves and take you far away from the busy congested city and into a far away forest. The songs race around with trumpets, drums, violins, and powerful vocals and lyrics..I honestly cannot get enough. The album has a very traditional sound but with modern influences that only sweeten it up. So let’s talk songs. My favorite and one of the album’s best is Mountain Sound. You can’t help but feel truly happy and adventurous when you listen to this track. It takes you away to a road trip with your friends in the mountains and forest. You gotta love the booming chorus! Another great track is the last on the album, Yellow Light, which resembles a lullaby that is almost hypnotizing. Others to check out are King and Lion Heart, Lake House, and Slow and Steady (which is very calming). Basically the entire album is amazing and you will not be disappointed, take my word for it! I promise this is group anyone would what are you waiting for, go get it!

And if you would be delighted to discover more great music in the future, be sure to keep following!

Advertisements my opinion.

So, there is one portion of this blog that I have contributed nothing towards. MUSIC! If you know me, you know music is a HUGE passion of mine. Sometimes I just like to sit for hours and discover new artists. I have NO discrimination when it comes to music, good music is good music whatever the genre may be. Lately, I tend to stray away from mainstream music just because it all sounds the same, but sometimes I can become infected by an amazing hook or melody.

2011 was a great year for music and 2012 seems like it’s going to be another great year for music. So I thought I would post some of my favorite albums and songs of 2011 and upcoming music I’m excited about that will be released in 2012.

Florence + the Machine’s: Ceremonials certainly did not disappoint when it came out. I was a huge fan after hearing their first album, and let’s not joke here..with an exception of maybe Adele, she has one of the best vocals in music today. While, I will say I enjoyed their first album a tad bit more, I really love this album as well. The songs are just so BIG and her voice makes them so captivating and emotional. My favorite songs have to be Spectrum and Never Let Me Go. Every time I listen to this album my skin always erupts in goosebumps. The way she incorporates  classic instruments like the harp into modern beats and the added compliments of her flawless voice, you really get something amazing for your ears. I highly recommend this album and also their first, Lungs.

Another one of my favorite albums from 2011 is from the legendary Stevie Nicks. I’ve always been a fan of Nicks and of course Fleetwood Mac, and I can honestly say that her latest album In Your Dreams is one of her best. This album did not get as recognized as I hoped it would, even-though it was widely praised by critics. Each song from the album was its own and wonderful in its own way. Stevie’s fantasy themed song writings and instrumentals that she is famous for are easy to identify and are at her best with In Your Dreams. While her lead single Secret Love was very satisfying, I found my favorite song was New Orleans and also Wide Sargasso Sea. This is one of those albums you can listen too without skipping a song. I would often listen and quickly find myself daydreaming.

Meg & Dia, I bet you’re wondering who the hell is this? Well, I am a big fan of singer/songwriter artists who are not really known by anyone at all; they are kind of my little secret. I’ve been following these girls since I was in high school and they’ve gone a bit off the radar for awhile. You may recognize one of the sisters as Dia Frampton who was the runner-up on The Voice. Well, I was quickly captivated by this sister act’s latest album: Cocoon. These songs are so precious and well written, but you should know they were recently dropped by their record label, so this album was recorded in their garage and bathroom; I think that is what makes it so much more precious. I fell in love with their song Bandits, which quickly became one of my favorite songs of the year. Also, I love Unsinkable Ships, Breakdown, & Mary Ann. Just give this album a chance and you’ll quickly fall in love; the sound just feels so vintage and sunny.

What is there to say about Adele? Well, she has the best voice in music today, I can say that with confidence. 19 was incredible and 21 is just as good, if not better. She was by far the best artist of 2011, with her voice, songs, and performances being flawless. Her emotion and talented vocals are seen in my favorites Rolling in the Deep and Set Fire to the Rain. The fast paced Rumour Has It and vintage I’ll Be Waiting make you realize how talented and genuine she actually is. Also, check out her cover of Lovesong and captivating ballad Someone Like You. This is honestly one of the best albums seen in the last 10 years and of course one of the best of the 2011.

So there was obviously a lot more music that was amazing in 2011, but those would have to be my favorites. Now that 2012 is upon us, there are many albums I am anxiously anticipating. So, I thought I would mention a few below:

One album I’ve been waiting a very long time for is from one of my favorites artists Michelle Branch. Her latest upcoming album is called West Coast Time where she is going back to her pop roots. Her new single Loud Music infects me every time I listen to it. Also, you can get a free download of one of her songs off of the album called If You Happen To Call, which is so good. The release date continues to get pushed back, so lets hope that the album gets released soon.

Another duo of sisters I just recently discovered is the Swedish sisters First Aid Kit. These girls are a blend of alternative and folk, but their talent is instantly recognizable. Their first single The Lion’s Roar sounds bit like Irish band Mumford & Sons and full of raw emotion. I’ve been recently captivated by their tribute song that has a bit of a country twang called, Emmylou; this song will most likely become one of my instant favorites, I honestly cannot stop listening. I think everyone should watch these girls, their vocals, songwriting, and overall talent is clear when you first listen to them. I predict them to become big in 2012, I cannot wait for their album to be released.

Another album being released very soon is from pop/folk artist Ingrid Michaelson. Her upcoming album Human Again is supposed to be a bit more serious and surely will not disappoint, I’m anxiously anticipating this album because she is one of my favorites. And, of course my favorite artist Taylor Swift is also due to release another album late this year, which I am extremely excited for; I am hoping for a new and more mature sound; I’m sure we won’t be disappointed.

Untitled?? ..I guess

It’s funny, this post is called untitled and that’s exactly how I feel today. I just feel untitled. I woke up feeling just a little bit off. Excited that today is finally my registration date for classes: an escape from the constant bullshit of our education system. Blah. Only to find my registration time to be rescheduled to 10:00..PM! Who schedules something so late? But WHATEVER…I’m done complaining. What can I do about it?

So I’m not sure if there is anything actually relevant about this post. But, I started this blog to express myself, so this is expressive right? Let’s hope so.

It’s just another day in the City of Angels..a little cold and windy, but manageable. I’m jamming to some new tracks from the black keys…Like! Btw people..if you like some good alternative/rock music, I suggest you check them out.

So, yes back to me feeling off. I’m sure how to describe it…maybe I’m just a little annoyed at the world today. Ehh, I’ll get over it.

Still attempting to figure out this blogging thing. I must say, I am enjoying it. It’s like an excuse to express myself…or a motivation? I wrote 2 poems in the last 2 days. That’s big. The last time I had written was over a year ago. Granted, they are not much…but it’s still meaningful. I keep thinking about what I can post next. I’ve got a few things on the back burner right now that I’m working on. Cooking has been a blast, I simply cannot wait to expand, cook, and create more recipes! –stay tuned!

The big worry about this blog this has got to be the viewing. Is anyone even absorbing what I am posting? Does anyone even care? Then again, does it even matter if anyone long as it matters to me right? Hmm…well, so far I enjoy blogging, so it looks like I will continue.

Who’s ready for this semester to end?? If you’re a college student you know what I’m talking about. It’s just dragging on now, ridiculous. I was doing so good, now I just feel unmotivated, burnt out, and constantly procrastinating. Let’s just get it over with already!!!!

Unsure where to go from here. I hope I am somewhat interesting enough for you to have some excuse or desire to continue following me.

May your days be a little less untitled than my own.


This explains it all...right?