Baking For Life

It is always a good feeling when you give back. One day I told myself that great things would come from this blog. Well, I guess you can say that it is already happening.

Our team!

My dear friend Lacey Smith, knowing of my blog, had recently approached me wondering if I would like to bake goods to sale and fund-raise for our local Relay For Life. Of course I could not say no, especially for such a great cause. It was such a good feeling to bring all of the work that I poured into this blog towards something that is so meaningful. I was first very touched and then honored to be involved in something as wonderful as the Relay For Life. Also, it is nice to know that my blogging is finding its way out into the community.

Of course, the big question was..what am I going to bake for the event?? I really wanted to bake some of my best goodies and sweets from Delightful Discoveries that would for sure sale. I needed sweet, tasty, colorful, & I settled on my:

  • Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes
  • Soda Can Cupcakes
  • Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

The sweets for sale!

Well, I ended up baking about 100 items total while borderline exhausted. Of course I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I was assisted by my wonderful gal pal Lacey, who was very helpful with the baking and frosting of cupcakes. She was the sprinkle master and container engineer behind the project! Let’s just say, we had to get creative! Anywho, everything sold great! As far as I know, everything that I had baked sold! The Oreo-stuffed cookies were sold-out right as they hit the table and the cupcakes were quick to follow! I even had to go home during the event and bake another batch! But, like I said, it was really no trouble when you’re working towards such a good cause! It was such a delightful experience!




Lately, all I hear is how people love my blog! So wonderful! But, I can honestly say it has taken time to get noticed and still has a lonnnnnnng way to go! I am encouraged by all the support and still surprised that I am still going forward with this blogging project and I hope to continue! Also, I will for sure be baking and participating in the Relay For Life in the future..:)

Photos by Christopher James Sigman.


My Week as a Vegetarian

Delightful Discoveries is Vegetarian Friendly!

A class project led to something I once believed would be the ultimate challenge – a vegetarian diet; let’s just say, it didn’t turn out to be much of a challenge at all. Coming from a former lover of meat – that juicy flavorful porterhouse or a zesty lemon pepper chicken – as I’ve grown, my desire of meat has depleted somewhat. As I grow older I notice my strong desire for fresh. I’m quite sure how to explain it; I desire fresh foods from fresh ingredients. Meat lately just seems to be lacking the ability to pack that special punch to my taste buds. Who knows, maybe I’m turned off by the unhealthy facts surfacing and surrounding red meat?

A vegetarian diet was never something I really considered. A past fear of mine always would resurface. . .could I really live without meat? As I’ve grown, of course my fear has decreased.

A class project led to the challenge of a vegetarian diet. I was assigned to either stop, start, or change something within my life for the course of 7 days. Food seems to be a primary factor within my life, why not try a vegetarian diet?? I did allow myself the exception of dairy because I cannot live without cheese and it as my main source of calcium.

Well I went forward with my challenge and guess what?! I was successful! I breezed through my week as a vegetarian, dodging any bothersome obstacles. I was able to really reflect on my diet and eating habits – some of my findings were pretty surprising! I really had no strong desire to consume meat products and I feel great!

While reflecting on my diet and eating habits over my week as a vegetarian, I was able to learn some fascinating facts about myself. Most significantly, the fact that I do not really consume that many meat products. The only meat I really consume is chicken breast; white meat is always better than red meat! For the most part, I was basically already living a semi-vegetarian lifestyle!

The question is now that I’ve experienced a vegetarian lifestyle, should I stick with it? Could I give up meat forever? This is a question that I do not yet have an answer for. When you’re a cooker and an eater like myself, giving up meat may end up with a lack of experiences. So, maybe I am not ready yet? After my week of change, I know that I no longer have a fear of lack of meat, and could possibly consider a vegetarian diet in the future!

Some Helpful Tips:

Either way, my week as a vegetarian was very beneficial. From someone who has experienced this type of diet to someone who may be considering it, here are a few tips I learned while eating a vegetarian diet, as well as some healthy alternatives to your everyday diet:

  • The importance of protein – The only issue I felt during my week as a vegetarian was my small problem of feeling full. Be sure to stock up on your beans and nuts. Protein is your friend. Trade in those burgers & try my delicious Veggie Black Bean Burgers. Also if you are looking for a fun chili, trade in the traditional for my delightful Veggie Black Bean Chili. Whatever it may be, remember to eat your beans!! Also, go to your local market and buy yourself a good large can of mixed nuts.
  • Overload on your Greens – Veggies, Veggies, Veggies! If you’re looking for that fresh that I love, go to your produce section at the market and load up on those greens! Pick yourself up a head of broccoli, bag of carrots, several green bell peppers, cucumbers, etc. A great tip is to substitute your chips for chopped cucumber with a side of ranch.
  • Trade your sweets for fruit – Fruit is your friend kids. It truly is. Nature’s candy is truly much better than mans. Try cutting up your apples and sprinkling them with a dash of brown sugar and cinnamon. Whenever you feel your sweet tooth going nuts, go cut yourself up some fruit. My best tip here is to go to your local market and buy whatever is in season. If you absolutely cannot live without the sweets, add a few semi-sweet chocolate chips to your bowl of apples or other cut of fruit.
  • A Vegetarian Diet can be inexpensive – Coming from a college student on a budget – this diet can be done without breaking the bank! Many people shy away from healthy foods because of high prices, they do not realize that some healthy foods are really cheap! Like I said before, buy your produce that is on sale! Also, many name brand products are available generic for much cheaper with the same great taste.

I had a great experience eating a vegetarian diet and applaud anyone who lives this lifestyle. I have posted several tasty vegetarian recipes on Delightful Discoveries and trust me, you can expect to see many more! I also plan to add a vegetarian category to my recipe selection so those dishes can be easily accessible.

If you are looking for some tasty Vegetarian dishes check out these recipes on my page:

  • Broccoli & Cheddar Soup with Macaroni
  • Vegetarian Black Bean Chili
  • Black Bean Veggie Burgers
  • Randy’s Veggie Pizza
  • Black Bean Soup
  • & Many many more 🙂

The Importance of Patience.

Patience. I’m learning everyday the importance of patience. It is a quality that I wish I utilized more often. I constantly think of the word patience when I reflect on my surroundings. I live in Los Angeles; one of the largest cities in the entire world. While this city can be wonderful at times, the extensive number of people constantly around me can be overwhelming at times. If you have ever driven in this city, gone out to a social event, etc. you understand the importance of having patience

I’m learning that a life without patience can be suffocating. Sometimes I have to tell myself sit back and just breathe. As I learn more about the importance of patience, I will utilize it more often within my life.

I can bring the importance of patience to my blog. As time goes by and with every post, I’m learning that in order to have a sufficient, meaningful, and fulfilling work to post on Delightful Discoveries, it must be something that comes from within. It must come from some artistic inspiration or desire to express myself or also from a certain experience. Sometimes I get the feeling that I must rush and post a recipe or poem, because if I do not I will disappoint or lose my audience. I’m learning that in order to properly express myself, I need to exercise patience.

With every recipe, craft, or poem I need to remember not to rush inspiration, but let it come to me. As I discover more about myself, I now recognize the importance of patience.

So now I ask you, my wonderful readers to have patience when you stumble upon my blog, Delightful Discoveries. Also remember, great things come to those who wait.


Busy Bee..(Update!)

Well hello everyone…I must say it looks like a Ghost Town around here!

I have been super busy! School and work began about 2 weeks ago and I have never been more busy! I am enrolled in over full time in college and I work almost full time at my job. This equals to about 13 hour days of exhaustion and when I actually get a day off I’m immersed in school work or too exhausted to move! With that and all of my other priorities in precious bloggie has had to suffer! I know, it’s awful!

I ask you to please just be patient..more posts are on the way! I have not had many opportunities for new recipe ideas, but I have been contributing to my poetry. Randomly throughout the day a catchy lyrical creation will pop into my head and I will instantly write it down or text it to myself.and that’s how the magic begins. I just have to get it out of my head and get it on paper (or on my bloggie!).

Well, this was just an update! I do care about leave an update of you in the comment box below please!!


Doing the Best with what I have..

Hello Everyone, I’m just checking in again here…this time with the cooking situation on my Bloggie!

So with my recipes, I’m sure some of you are starting to notice a pattern… They are all fun, simple, & inexpensive! It’s kind of my thing 😉 As you know, I am a college student on my own without the highest bank account. So, the recipes are affordable because they have to be! I search and think of recipes that look just as good as an expensive meal but are actually budget friendly!

Sometimes I feel that some of the recipes that I post aren’t exactly too complex. There are several reasons for this..

    • One reason is, they are simply not meant to be. My hook, if you will, is recipes that are simple and inexpensive, but look and are just as good as the expensive ones. Simple, yet complex. <Kind of like myself>
    • Another, is the fact that I’ve never really had any training from anyone or anywhere when it comes to cooking. I am currently teaching myself. With no help, but following a recipe, a little common sense, and a whole lot of Luck!
    • Also, like I mentioned before, I don’t have a whole lot of money for lavish, expensive culinary creations. I do the best with what I have..And my recipes are very budget friendly which can be very helpful to others who are also Budget Betty or Frugal Freddy’s like myself.

One day, I hope to look back on my simple recipes and recognize them as my learning experiences while I’m cooking a fancy and truly complex culinary creation. I feel like I need to go through this step to get to where I hope to be (and who I hope to be) in the future.

That’s all for now, be sure to stay tuned for more recipes!


Me VS Little Voice In My Head

Okay, so I can finally feel like it’s happening..the moment I’ve been dreading since I started this blog. That little voice has popped into my head making those oh so rude, discouraging comments. I mean, before I would just block him out or tell him to shut up! But there always comes a time in any of my ventures where the little voice takes control and I eventually give up.

Bad news folks…he has finally shown up again and his mission: To STOP my Blogging! Granted, I always expected this day would come but I kept on pushing and told myself to ignore his rude comments!

What kind of rude, discouraging comments do I face everyday you ask? Here are some examples: What is the point of all of this? Is anything you’re posting even any good? Does anyone even care about what you are posting? You are wasting your time! You’re wasting your money on all these ingredients and supplies!! ETC.!!!!!!


The whole point of this blog is for self-discovery and to exercise my hobbies and things I enjoy in life (cooking, writing, crafts, etc.). Even my New Years Resolution was to continue to blog and discover more about myself. I can’t give up but I sometimes feel, what is the point?

I guess the big question here is: How do I ignore or overcome that little voice in my head? I guess it’s all about strive and willpower? I guess we will have to see how badly I want this?

I have a history on giving up on projects I’ve started in the past, but I really don’t want to give up on this one. I need this, I need purpose! I don’t want to waste my life NOT pursuing what I am actually really good at.

So, I will continue to do my best at fighting the little voice in my head and keeping up with my hobbies (cooking, writing, and crafts) regardless of what he says. I really do not want to give up on this. Just an FYI, in the coming weeks I will have to return to both school and work, so time to add to my blog is going to become even more difficult. So, my very few readers, I am asking you to be patient and bare (not sure if I used that right) with me! Lets see if I can beat the discouraging little voice in my head.

Before I go, is this something all bloggers face at some point? If anyone has any suggestions on how to beat the little voice in my head, please leave them in the comment box below..Thanks.

Signing off for now..


Julie & Julia = Fate.

So, I recently had a revelation surrounding this whole blog thing. The whole motivation behind my blog posting is as a tool of self-expression, self-discovery, and motivation to engage in the various hobbies that I’ve always had interest in but lacked the drive to actually pursue them.

It’s obvious that I blog a lot of poetry (writing is a passion of mine) but I also have a new sudden interest in cooking! It almost came out of nowhere, but I am suddenly very interesting by recipes and creating wonderful and delicious meals.

Okay, so now to the point of this post. As I’m browsing through the grocery store to find numerous ingredients needed for my next recipe/cooking creation, I stumble upon the bargain book section in the back of the store between various dry goods and dairy. Within the bargain bin marked for only $1.99 each, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to browse and find a good read. I found a lot of Nora Roberts and various other cheesy romance novels or self-improvement bullshit.

As I am about to give up and continue my search for ingredients, I then stumble across a cover that catches my eye: Julie & Julia. I was instantly intrigued and quickly skimmed the cover and back of the book. I heard wonderful things about the book and decent remarks about the movie as well (Meryl Streep + Amy Adams = Winning! …sorry Charlie, I had too.) Anyways, I had always wanted to know more about the wonderful Julie & Julia and with my current culinary quest, I thought I could quite possibly relate to a few terms within the book. So I bought it, what the hell..only $1.99.

Well, little did I know, I would have soo much in common with Julie within the book. Anyone who has read Julie & Julia will understand that Julie is struggling to find herself by using a mixture of cooking (recipes from Julia Child) and blogging her recipes, creations, and experiences to the public. Whoa! While I read this in the book, I realized I’m doing the same thing and instantly related with Julie.

Then, it hit me. Did I stumble across this book for a reason? I’m not entirely sure if I believe in fate, but this seemed like a pretty crazy coincidence. It’s so weird that I stumble across a book and character (Julie) that I so quickly identify with, especially in the exact time that I decide to use blogging as a way to encourage poetry, cooking, etc. to help find and express myself.

Well, I personally believe that I stumbled across this book for a reason. Maybe it means something that will be beneficial towards my quest of self-discovery…I guess I’ll just have to wait and find out. I’m only about 1/4 of the way through and I’ve instantly been sucked in. I’ll be sure and let you know how I feel when I finish the book.

That’s all for now..


Untitled?? ..I guess

It’s funny, this post is called untitled and that’s exactly how I feel today. I just feel untitled. I woke up feeling just a little bit off. Excited that today is finally my registration date for classes: an escape from the constant bullshit of our education system. Blah. Only to find my registration time to be rescheduled to 10:00..PM! Who schedules something so late? But WHATEVER…I’m done complaining. What can I do about it?

So I’m not sure if there is anything actually relevant about this post. But, I started this blog to express myself, so this is expressive right? Let’s hope so.

It’s just another day in the City of Angels..a little cold and windy, but manageable. I’m jamming to some new tracks from the black keys…Like! Btw people..if you like some good alternative/rock music, I suggest you check them out.

So, yes back to me feeling off. I’m sure how to describe it…maybe I’m just a little annoyed at the world today. Ehh, I’ll get over it.

Still attempting to figure out this blogging thing. I must say, I am enjoying it. It’s like an excuse to express myself…or a motivation? I wrote 2 poems in the last 2 days. That’s big. The last time I had written was over a year ago. Granted, they are not much…but it’s still meaningful. I keep thinking about what I can post next. I’ve got a few things on the back burner right now that I’m working on. Cooking has been a blast, I simply cannot wait to expand, cook, and create more recipes! –stay tuned!

The big worry about this blog this has got to be the viewing. Is anyone even absorbing what I am posting? Does anyone even care? Then again, does it even matter if anyone long as it matters to me right? Hmm…well, so far I enjoy blogging, so it looks like I will continue.

Who’s ready for this semester to end?? If you’re a college student you know what I’m talking about. It’s just dragging on now, ridiculous. I was doing so good, now I just feel unmotivated, burnt out, and constantly procrastinating. Let’s just get it over with already!!!!

Unsure where to go from here. I hope I am somewhat interesting enough for you to have some excuse or desire to continue following me.

May your days be a little less untitled than my own.


This explains it all...right?

Trying this blog thing.


I’m not really sure where to start when it comes to this blog thing. I’m on a quest to find ways to express myself, blogging seemed like a good idea. The sad thing is, I’m still struggling to figure this website out, so currently what I am posting is only being read by myself. That’s okay I guess. I don’t have to worry about impressing anyone! Hopefully someone will read this…someday.