Wasted Tears, Wasted Years.

A quick update! I hope none of you think I’ve abandoned Delightful Discoveries, I know it has been awhile since I’ve posted on here. All I can tell you is..you can’t rush inspiration or creativity. I am not going to post a project that my heart isn’t in; if I did, it would be crap. This blog is not something I plan to quit (I care about it too much, it being a major creative outlet for myself), but a necessary break I will take from time to time.

Until my creative juices come back in full force, take a page ripped straight from my heart with this poem I just wrote:

Wasted Tears, Wasted Years.

Once upon a day I still cannot believe,
The moment you came back was the end for you and me.
Now looking back, how could I be so naive?
Beyond the lies, the truth I now see.

If only I knew then, what I knew now,
If only I could have been stronger somehow.
For you I fear I’ve wasted too many tears,
For too long I have wasted too many years.

The tables turned when you came crawling back,
Letting you back in was a mistake, that is a fact.
Lessons I learned, the less I yearned,
An end we won’t find without being burned.

You can cry on calendars, but it won’t turn back time.
All I gave to you, will never again be mine.
Our love once a lullaby, now a haunting nursery rhyme.
How could I be so naive?
How could I miss the signs?

What now seems so crystal clear,
Apart from you is what I seem to fear.
So let us keep up with these wasted tears,
This river we ride through the wasted years.

Yes, this is me.


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