By: Randy Sorensen


This storm we have long weathered,
Hand in hand we remain together.
Running through smoky mountain trails,
Headed for the hills, to the sea we shall sail.

I can hear the splash of the rain drops,
The shock of your touch, as my heart stops.
The dancing shadows of candle light,
Together we listen to the melody of the night.

How we weave through these Appalachian dreams,
My wedding gown torn at the seams.
If we could just stop and take a breath,
It is only you; you are all I have left.

The lightning flashes deep in the night,
To long we have fought this fight.
I curl my body to the warmth of your soul,
Your eyes black as midnight, mirrored of coal.

I can hear the piano out in the wild,
A lullaby I run to like a child.
A waltz we dance to the violin,
In the forest with your touch of sin.

Father’s warning of forbidden love,
Your arms around me; you fit like a glove.
The wind that sparks their wildfires,
You have awakened my deepest desires.

Together we shall run; together we shall remain,
Hide me away, take away the pain.
Hold me close, as you keep me warm,
Together we remain to weather the storm.


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